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Very cute 19 year old Jamilla from Manila.
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A hot little Lilly number who smiled throught the shoot. A real cutie and very horny
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Jass is 29, she is a Bangkok girl. All natural body, a bit shy and very calm. She is versatile and loves bigger guys.
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Poy works at So What Bar, Soi 6.
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Minny is a 19 year old Laotian girl. She was brought to me by another friend, I just picked her up and we did the photo session.
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Dos has an intense stare which can be disarming but is actually a very nice ladyboy and I enjoyed doing the shoot with her.
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Nanny is a beautiful slim girl who was a bit shy during the shoot!
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Thip was on top of my to do list, this time I was lucky Just got her breast implants, and she likes to show them
Beauty just moved from Ko Samui to Pattaya.
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